Intensive courses in Leeds


Online School of Motoring offer a range of intensive courses in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Ranging from longer intensive driving courses for beginners, to short driving courses for pupils at test standard. All courses will begin with an assessment lesson to establish the length of course that will be appropriate for you. This will be discuss with you in detail as our interest is always ensuring you pass first time. Following the assessment your driving test is booked for appropriate and available dates and the lessons are arranged in the weeks prior to this test. The lessons can be spaced out or placed close together depending on what is convenient for you the pupil. You must have passed your theory test before we can book your test, however if you have a theory test booked there is no problem with taking the assessment lesson in the meantime.

Intensive driving courses for beginners

60 hours/50 hours/40 hours

An intensive course for a beginner will begin with a 2 hour assessment, this must be the longer level of assessment as their is no current standard to assess and I am assessing the speed at which you learn. The average amount of lessons for a beginner to pass their driving test is approximately 50 based on reports from the department of transport for example the cohort II study , as well as information I have gleaned from my own experience. So I always take this into account when assessing for a beginner course.

Warning!! Learning to drive in the modern world is a vast subject. Taking on an intensive course when starting your driving lessons from scratch is incredibly challenging. You must be prepared for 2 weeks of very hard graft, and I only recommend this to those who pick up driving quite naturally and have free time with little other stress in their life.

Standard Intensive driving courses

30 hours/20 hours

These courses are designed for part trained pupils. You may begin with a 1 or 2 hour assessment lesson. Pass rate is always better with 2 hours. Following the initial assessment and booking your test your lessons can be booked into anything from 1 – 4 weeks prior to the test.

Short intensive driving courses

10 hours/5 hours

These courses are designed for pupils at or very close to test standard. You may begin with a 1 or 2 hour assessment. Following the initial assessment and test booking, we will book your lessons in to the week or weekend prior to the test.


Your driving lessons will start on quiet roads, on the drive to this location, you will have a discussion with your driving instructor to ensure you get to know each other well and you will begin to feel more relaxed about the lesson. During this discussion you will have the opportunity to give your initial view on what learning to drive means to you, allowing your instructor to begin forming a view of how your driving progression will develop and what pace would be comfortable for you.


Your instructor will be happy to guide you through the test. Any questions you have we are happy to answer and we will point you in the right direction for training materials and resources, either online, on a disc or in paper format, as well as give you a brief of what to do on the day.

To book your theory test you should go to


Would like to thank Online School of Motoring for being a driving school that is honest and caring. Passed with Online from start to finish within 8 weeks. Very relaxed and friendly attitude.

Will be in touch again for pass plus course.

Sonya, Beeston